“The quality of a building cannot be made, but only generated indirectly, by the action of people, just as a flower cannot be made, but only generated from the seed.”

Christopher Alexander, A timeless way of building.

A journey towards collective identity

The School of Commons offers you a process. At the end of this process, you will not only end with the ‘best idea’, but you will have a playful accessible structure that gives you insight into how anyone can participate and how decisions are made.

Experience in the field

“The need for cooperation, nationally and internationally, is urgent and calls for cooperation methods that are both meaningful and effective. Timelab’s research into ’the commons’ and how to apply this method of collaboration in practice is highly relevant to our students and the Dutch art world, while taking into account social, ecological and public values.”

Gwenoële Trapman – DAS Amsterdam

A Game?

The process is open, the structure is resilient. We translate the process of the School of Commons into a co-created game.

We work in 3 steps:

  1. Develop the game : based on the proven structure we develop all aspects of the game with a focus group
  2. Play the game: Playing the game will guide you through 7 patterns of commoning. These 7 perspectives refer to aspects to rethink or develop to create commons. For each of the seven patterns we developed a workshop breakout. The process is not linear, but developed upon the flow of the game as a metaphor for an unpredictable flow of events in real life. The 7 workshops together touch on all aspects of developing a business plan, initiate change or set up a project idea or participatory process.
  3. Emplacement of the game: by turning the game into a spatial interactive installation the process behind the systemic approach becomes an experience and a tool for communication.

Want to know more?

Contact us via marieke@timelab.org and we will set up a (online) meeting or join one of our events!