All our tools are developed in collaboration with artists, researchers or coaches. We translate their models into practical tools. Because of this collaboration, we will never stop learning. The process of developing new tools is therefore open ended.

Finding patterns in how we work

We look for patterns in the way communities function, organise, share resources etc. We turn these patterns into hands-on enabling tools for change. Every new tool added to the memory of the School of COmmons will help us to expand the possibilities to help your project become more resilient.

Do you have a new tool?

Do you have an interesting model or theory in mind? Could you use help in translating that model into a practical tool? Contact us!


The School of Commons board game itself is a translation of a methodology into a practical tool. This game enables the participants to understand the openness of the process and guides them in through the development of their own project.

The Wheel of Consent is a welknown tool in the world of coaching. By making it into a pillow, it can simply be used and discussed about.